Welcome To LEARN FX School for FX & Animatronics

If you are looking for first-class, practical (hands on) movie make-up special effects and animatronics training you have come to the right place! We are part of TECH WORKS FX STUDIOS. a real working effects shop, so you will learn where we make monsters and robots for a living. Our courses are designed to give you the real skills that are used in our FX industry so that you can get a job in the coolest Industry on the planet. Since we are a working shop most of the year you may even get hired or get some real credits of your own. We want passionate and driven people who want to learn. We are the best way to get the skills you need to get your career as an Effects Artist started. No sipping lattes and hanging outside looking cool here. We take our school and teachings seriously, as should you. We tell you the truth about how the industry works and give you the hands on skills needed to get paid.  

We teach courses in Animatronics and Make Up effects. We have just added new courses for both FX and Animatronics and we are often adding courses so stay tuned to our site pages and our current information posted on our "News" page.

Call us today: 504-722-1504

We listen to you and teach you what we do everyday and we know what it takes to hire someone in our industry since we do hire people and work on real movies and TV shows . Come visit to see what we are all about:

  • Industry Leading Techniques from people who really work in the industry
  • From Basic to Advanced Skills we can expand your skill set
  • Real shop Learning Environment where real movie creations are made
  • And much, much more!

We have our students all over the world and in many real working shops, such as "LEGACY EFFECTS",  haunts such as "the LA Haunted Hay Ride", and Prop Companies such as "I.S.S.  and Hand Prop Room".  They have worked on projects such a "Vogue magizine," commercials like "State Farm Insurance", or Movies like the "Hunger Games" series.   Learn the right way to get in the biz at LEARN FX .BIZ,    Sign up, Learn a lot, and get to work!